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Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education is organised by two strands:

  • Personal, Social and Community Health

  • Movement and Physical Activity


Personal, Social and Community Health includes being healthy, safe and active.To support students to make decisions about their own health, safety and wellbeing and on developing the knowledge, understanding and skills to support students to be resilient. It also enables understand health information and empowers them to make healthy, safe and active choices. Students also learn about the behavioural aspects related to regular physical activity and develop the dispositions required to be an active individual.

Movement and Physical Activity lays the important early foundations of play and fundamental movement skills. It focuses on the acquisition and refinement of a broad range of movement skills. Students apply movement concepts and strategies to enhance performance and move with competence and confidence. Students develop skills and dispositions necessary for lifelong participation in physical activities.

PE in the junior classesof the school focuses on the development of Fundamental Motor Skills that provide the foundation for competent and confident participation in a range of physical activities which include:

  • locomotor and non-locomotor skills - rolling, balancing, sliding, jogging, running, leaping, jumping, hopping, dodging, galloping, skipping, floating and moving the body through water to safety

  • object control skills - bouncing, throwing, catching, kicking, striking.

The students from grade three to sixfocus on games and sports. These address the development of movement skills, concepts and strategies through a variety of games and sports. The games and sports build on learning through active play. Students train for the Athletics Day which occurs in Term 2.

​Each year students from all classes receive swimming lessons from accredited swimming instructors at Leongatha SPLASH. These lessons are free through our participation in Sporting Schools. Students in grades 3-6 are also provided with the opportunity to participate in a school cluster swimming trial during term one.

​Students participate in 40 minutes of Physical Education classes per week. Students are also involved in a Whole School Game each week, which aims to get students active, whilst building skills such as teamwork and cooperation across grade levels.

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