Hi Everyone! 

Hope you have had a relaxing break and a wonderful Easter. 

Below are some resources and lessons to be done while we are doing remote learning. The lessons have links to worksheets and websites that have been included.

The following link is a timetable of scheduled Google Meetings that the students will need to attend and the times when Mrs Cox and I are unavailable due to planning.

Grade 2 and 3 timetable

Due to Google Meetings being a bit more difficult than we thought, we are now using a new meetings page called Webex. The link that you will need to get in contact with your teacher is on Compass for grownups to find. This link will not change. 

Have some fun and enjoy learning in a different environment. 

Links commonly used:

Mathletics- Link

Soundwaves- Link

Reading Eggs- Link

Students have their passwords in their diary for the above websites. 

If you are experiencing any problems, please connect with me on Google Meet during my available times or email the school - tarwin.lower.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Renee Pilkington and Jen Cox






Reading - MAIN IDEA

Start the session by reading for 15 minutes (just as we would of a morning at school).

Record what you read and have an adult sign your diary.

Main idea- finding the main idea, is recognising the most important idea, which is usually written at the beginning or end of a paragraph. The main idea is supported by other details in the relevant paragraph. When looking at the whole text, the main idea is usually found in the first or last sentence.

Complete the following template by recording the MAIN IDEA of the text read and include three details: Main idea template.

Writing - RECOUNT

You are to use a comic strip and create a comic on an exciting event that happened by drawing the pictures and writing a sentence to match each picture. The link has different comic strip templates that you can print off and pick from.

Comic strip template


“G as in Girl”

In your school pack there is a soundwaves sheet that has work on the sound g.

Have an adult read out the list of words and test you using a scrap piece of paper.

Correct the spelling test and practise the 10 words you have spelt incorrectly. You can pick from the extension list if you did not spell 10 words incorrectly. To practise, you can write each word out 10 times or play hangman with an adult.

Start the soundwaves sheet and complete the first page.


Start by playing any of the addition games from the website- Kids Math Games. There are a variety of games all involving addition.

Grade 2 maths- Print off and play Make Ten Go Fish card game. The pack has the rules to follow and cards to play with.

Complete the following worksheets that require you to add 10 to a number- Adding 10.

What you do not finish, you can complete tomorrow.

Grade 3 maths- We are learning how to round numbers up or down to make an estimation.

Watch the following videos- Rounding up to 10

                                             Rounding to 10 and 100

Complete the rounding worksheet- Rounding Whole Numbers.

Home Learning Task-

Click on the link and pick what you would like to complete. 

Home learning


Reading - MAIN IDEA

Start the session by reading for 15 minutes (just as we would of a morning at school).

Record what you read and have an adult sign your diary.

Complete the following template by recording the MAIN IDEA of the text read and include three details- Main Idea template.

Go onto Reading Eggs and complete lesson in reading express.


Family Files

This week you are to write a narrative using all the people who live with you as the main character. 

Think about:

  1. The beginning

  2. The Middle of the story with a problem

  3. The ending with the problem solved


Today you will plan your story. Please show an adult your plan and keep this in a safe place for our next narrative writing.

Plan template


“G as in Girl”

Complete Soundwaves online activities.

Practise your 10 spelling words; you can write each word out 10 times, play hangman with an adult, create a word search for someone to complete or put your words into alphabetical order.

Complete the soundwaves sheets from your pack that you started yesterday.


Play Addition Quick Draw Card Game-

You will need 2 or more players. Deal out all of the cards to the two players. One player calls, ‘Draw’ and both players turn over their top card and place it face up in the centre. The players add the two numbers that are showing and the first player to say the total out loud wins the two cards. After all cards have been used, the players count the number of cards that they have won. The winner is the person who has the most cards. For a challenge, add more crads that are turned over.

Go onto Mathletics online and complete the addition tasks.

Grade 3 maths- rounding numbers 

Complete any work that was not finished yesterday.

Home Learning Task-

Click on the link and pick what you would like to complete. 

Home learning


Snapshot Writing!!

  • Watch the video (30min)

  • Draw your character (10min)

  • Talk to someone about your character (5min)

  • Write your snapshot story (20min silent writing)

  • Share and edit (10min)

  • Summary of instructions and LISC


  • Grade 2's - complete any unfinished pages to page 11. 

  • Grade 3's - complete any unfinished pages to page 9. 

Maths - LOCATION - Learning Intention and Success Criteria - here

  • “Robot” activity - give instructions to a partner to get from A to B - must be precise language for grade 3's. Use words such as quarter turn, clockwise, anticlockwise, left, right- see the bottom of the Success Criteria for some Mathematical Language. 

  • Hide a toy somewhere in your house or outside. Now decide on a starting point. Write directions for someone at home to follow - can they find the toy with your instructions? You may need to change parts of it. ​

  • Reflection: Were your instructions successful? Why/Why not?

      What things do you need to remember when giving instructions?


  • Ask an adult to give you a set of instructions that lead somewhere at home - but don't move! Can you predict where the directions will lead you? Can you visualise the path you would be taking? Now swap. 

Kitchen Garden

We have been learning about the equipment in the garden shed - their names and how to safely walk with them. 

Go to your garden shed. Can you name the items in there?

Do you have a spade or a shovel? Can you remember the difference between them? How should you carry them safely?

Here is a sheet if you want to do this - you don't have to print if off, just say what each are. When we get back, you will be tested for your tool licence. I have them ready, I'm expecting a 100% pass rate! 

Sheet is here - Your licences are ready!